Kendo Girls 【Fujimoto Ayame】

Hello everyone!

I’m Hebihime who like Kendo and Vietnam!

Lately, we have to wear facemask while we practice’s really hard.

But, we can practice Kendo now, it’s very happy thing.

By the way, long time no write about Kendo..

Lately, I’m interested in Japanese TV channel what is “Kendo girls”.

Many women who are not only great Kendo players also work in a lit if situations are being introducing on this channel.

I’m fan of ” Fujimoto Ayama sensei” who was on that channel.

So I will introduce Fujimoto Ayame(藤本綾芽)sensei for everyone.

Her Twitter ↓

Profile of Fujimoto Ayame sensei



Name: Fujimoto Ayame


Birth place: Hyogo prefecture

Body length:156㎝

Blood type: B

Grade: Kendo 3 dan, 道二段

Occupation :Fashion model/ Martial artist

She is real martial artist that practicing not only Kendo also Iaido.

And, sometimes she appears on Music video as a talent.

She has some awsome results of Kendo tournaments and she is a champion of Iaido in Nagano prefecture

Her current base point is Nagano prefecture

Her birthplace is Hyogo prefecture but, she lives in Nagano prefecture now.

She is active in not only kendo player also kendo teacher.


She has 5000 followers !!

She is showing her activities and good points of Kendo and Budo on her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

View this post on Instagram

今日は偶然私が全体指導になったので、思い切って稽古の3分の2をラダーに😆お手本は全て小さなヒーロー・一年生にやってもらいマシタ✨ 稽古だと力の差や体格差は明確ですが、ラダーとなるといつもやってる低学年の方がうまいのさ😁高学年に「えっ、すご」「いや俺の方が」って思ってもらったり、単に低学年、新人ではなく、仲間やライバルと思ってもらいたかったんだ〜😆✨ それに、先週の体験に来てた子達がまた来てくれたから、親睦も深める意味も込めて✨ 高学年が水を得た魚のように喜んでたのが印象的!これだよね!ノッて下さった先生方にも感謝いたしますが!次は負けませんので!!卍 しかし稽古再開からこうも立て続けに新人が増えていると、私のところにいた剣道イヤ子ちゃん達も流石にピカピカの低学年達と一緒にはしゃぐのはアレだよねってことで、自然と高学年組に。。 なぜか高学年組をチラッと見るたびに目があいますが…、ヤダヤダヤダヤダ言ってた頃を考えると、成長してて嬉しいですな☺️

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Lately, she gets good reactions from overseas.

Good points of Kendo

She was a member of kendo club until she was a junior high school student but she quit kendo club when she was a high school student.

Because, she felt uneasy with  reality of Kendo club.

However she never quit to practice kendo because her parents, friends and teachers… a lot of people have been supporting her.

Awesome points of kendo that she considers is

First, it’s a big attractive point that we can do keiko with every generation people.

Especially, many elder players overwhelmed young players during Keiko. It’s very interesting.

I have experienced to be overwhelmed by elder sensei a lot of times.But, I wonder I can feel fun it.

Quotation :剣道日本2019/9/154P

I also consider kendo’s strength is not directly propositional to physical fitness, good reflexes.


About Kendo girls

Latently, many women’s kendo players are active in many situations.

Kendo girls is the TV program what introduce like that women kendo players.

Even if you haven’t seen Kendo, you would enjoy to watch it!!

I hope that many people will watch it!!

I’m introducing beautiful and strong kendo players.
There are not only some strict and hard standard for screening but also conservative wall because she is a woman.
Xin chao!蛇姫です。 たびたびブログで女性剣道家の活躍を皆様にお伝えしていますが、 本日は蛇姫のブログ史上初めて ...


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