Great Women Kendo players interview in the world

Hello! I’m Hebihime .

I often introduce women kendo players to everyone on my blog.

It is first time to introduce no Japanese woman kendo player on my blog.

I will introduce

画像に含まれている可能性があるもの:ストレリチェンコ オリガ


Olga strelchenko.

She is from Russia but she can speak Japanese fluently and she is an intelligent woman has got doctor in Osaka University.

I think some people have known her because she was introduced on Japanese TV.

大阪大学で剣の道を極めるロシア美女「ワタシが日本に住む理由」 | BSテレ東

Profile of Olga

Name:Strechenko Olga

Birth place :Russia

Final education :Osaka University graduated school doctor course (graduated in 2019)

Kendo 4 dan

Age: 26

Favorite techniques:Men, Menkaeshido

Her main results

画像に含まれている可能性があるもの:ストレリチェンコ オリガ


All Russia Kendo championships 2015 2rd place
All Russia Kendo championships 2016 3rd place
All Russia Kendo championships 2017 championship
WKC 2017 representative of Russia

It was first time to come to Japan in 2010. She immigrated to Japan in 2016.

It is also difficult to enter Osaka University for Japanese but she has got doctor in there so I believe she is so talented.

She understands not only Japanese also English.

I would like to look her brains into.


The impetus for liking Kendo is Rurouni Kenshin

She burned in Rostov-on-Don where is located in south of Russia.

The impetus for liking Kendo was Rurouni Kenshin !!

25周年記念 るろうに剣心展 公式サイト | トップ

After she watched Rurouni Kenshin on TV, she was interested in Japanese culture. So she started kendo when she was 13 years.

She started kendo at Rostov-On -Don Kendo federation.

When she started Kendo, about 30 people already practiced Kendo in there.

Some Japanese kendo teacher regularly came to Keiko for there when she was in Russia. She hoped that I want to communicate with Japanese teacher, so she started to study Japanese.

She is 26 years old so her kendo history is already 13years!!

Her spirit of inquiry

Then,  she came on a short-term study abroad to Japan when she was high school student.

After that, she had came to study Fukuoka education university for 2 years  while she was attending South Russia university. And, she entered Osaka University in 2016.( graduated in 2019)

In Japan, she has been pursuing Japanese culture and Kendo.

She had practiced at Kendo Osaka University on weekdays and at Seishukan where is located in Hyogo prefecture on Saturday while she was a student.

She practiced almost everyday!!

Moreover, before a tournament and an examination, she practiced twice a day!!

Such Olga who loves kendo too much participated the 19th Japanese language speech contest for women international students.

She picked up Kendo as a theme and became champion!!

She gave a speech about


Don’t be too pround of your victory.
Don’t be too disappointed over your defeat, either.「勝って奢らず負けて悔やまず」

Shingitai 「心技体」

with  her Kendo uniform and a shinai

Her speech made Japanese recognize splendor of kendo.

She spoke

Buso is paradox.We have to win when we do sports so opportunities are enemies. But Buso is not same.Opponents of Budo are collaborator for character building.

These words make Japanese kendo players get a start!

大阪北摂弁論大会 「武道を通じての人間形成」オリガ ストレリチェンコ Olga Strelchenko “Character Building by Budo” Speech Contest

Current her object

She is trying to be professor of Japanese university now.

And , she said about Kendo

I can’t answer about of kendo easily. Because kendo is “Michi/way”For example, to get next grade, to fix bad habit and to do best the tournament I participate….I have various objects. However , I believe final object of the Michi is itself. Michi, itself is worth. So I never look for a shorter way. As much as possible, I correctly would like to be stronger.

I think her previous existence was Samurai!

WKC 2012 will be opened in Paris France. She is a candidate of representative.

I hope things return to normal as soon as possible and I would like to see her success in WKC.


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