The successive champions of All Japan Women’s Kendo Championships Top3

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I will introduce some great senseis who have won

All Japan women’s Kendo Championships !!

I ranked Top 3.

It was referenced by the number of victories.

The 3rd Matsuo Kazue sensei・Sato(Kurosu)Atsuko sensei

There are 2 sensei in the 3rd.

Matsuo Kazue sensei


Sato(Kurosu)Atsuko sensei.

Both of them won 3 times at All Japan (they won  2 consecutive )

(I’m sorry that I couldn’t find pictures)

Profile of Matsuo Kazue sensei

Birth place:Hiroshima prefecture

Her graduate school:Hiroshima commercial high school→Nippon sport science university

Her main results

・Inter-high school competition→Champion

・Intercollegiate competition→Champion

・All Japan Women’s Kendo Championships

→ Champion  3 times(1964・1965・1967)

She became the queen of Kendo when she was a high school student.

Her parent’s home was Budouguten( Japanese armor shop).

She strated Kendo when she was 10 years old.

Speakimg of Matsuo sensei’s legend,

When she was a 3rd grade high school student,

She won All Japan Women’s Kendo Championships after becoming inter-high’s champion!!

It became the topic of conversation at that time.

フジ永島優美アナが初挑戦「ものすごく体力が必要」 - モデルプレス

This picture is image

She was slected a flame-bearer in the Tokyo 1964 and ran.

Now a day, it is difficult to win through All Japan,


women’s kendo population have increased more than old days


whole level of women’s kendo has been rising.

According to the articles,

She lives in her home town with her grandchildren.


Profile of Sato(Kurosu) Atsuko sensei

Name:Sato Atsuko(Kurosu is old family name)

Birth place:Tochigi prefecture

Kokugakuin university Tochigi high school→Kokushikan university→Teacher of Tochigi prefecture

Her Main results

・Inter-high school competition→Champion

・Intercollegiate competition→Champion1973年)

・All Japan Women’s Kendo Championships

→ Champion  3 times(1973・1974・1976)

Successful as a teacher

Periods of time that she had been active in All Japan was

before getting married.

So, when she became champion, her name was Kurosu Atsuko.

Now, she has got married and she teaches health and physical education to junior high school students in Tochigi prefecture.

She has been leading her students to national tournament.

Sato sensei says to her students

“The sword is the mind. When the mind is right, the sword is right. When the mind is not right, the sword is also not right.”

Never mind  about winning or losing

The 2nd  Kawazoe (Kuwahara) Nagako sensei

Kawazoe (Kuwahara) Nagako sensei is the first player

who won All Japan women’s kendo championships 3 times in a row.

And she is a wife of Kawazoe Tetsuo sensei ( the deceased)

who became champion of All Japan Kendo Championships  as an university student.

剣道 往年の名選手 川添哲夫先生 三試合


Name:Kawazoe (Kuwahara) Nagano sensei

Birth place : Kumamoto prefecture

Yashiro Higashi junior high school→Yashiro Higashi high school →Kokushikan university

Her main results

・Holding the championship for 3 years running in the Inter-high.(Individual)

・Kanto women’s student Kendo championships →Champion

・Holding the championship for 2 years running in the intercollegiate competition

・Holding the championship for 3 years running in All Japan ( 1969~1971)

→She is a super legend player because swept 3 major women’s tournaments


She knocked am university student down? Some astonishment episodes!!

She remained some astonishment episodes.さて、永子先生にはすごい伝説が残ってまして

She took part in university student’s Keiko when she was second grade junior high school student.

During this keiko, she dashed a university student ( man) and knocked down him.

This university student suffered concussion.

It’s amazing!!

And, there was no women’s department at that time?( I’m not sure)

She became men’s team member and won some men’s players!


It’s very cool!

After graduating university student,

she got married with Kawazo sensei who is a famous Jyodan player.

But, Kawazoe sensei passed away because of accident in China.

(It’s too famous story in kendo )

After that, she had been continuing to teach Kendo in Kochi kogei junior/high school since 2008.

There are not only some strict and hard standard for screening but also conservative wall because she is a woman.


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