Why is not there woman has Kendo 8dan.

Kendo 8dan

I think person who haven’t done Kendo understand it is amazing ability.

Anyway, you can imagine

person who have 8 dan is great master of kendo and wonderful martial artist.

Kendo 8 dan is

the highest grade of kendo.

If someone get 8 dan,   they are appreciated as masters of Kendo (師範)

By the way,

NHK documentary introduced Nemoto Michiyo sensei who is a woman kendo player has challenging to pass 8 dan examination.

Many women's kendo players are challenging kendo 8 dan in which is the highest grade of kendo. But never women have gotten.

According to the documentary,

There are not only some strict and hard standard for screening

but also conservative wall because she is a woman.

Why can’t women’s kendo players be Kendo 8dan.

I considered these reasons.

To begin with, what is Kendo 8dan?

I think almost of Japanese know Budo has grade what is called “段位 dani” .

In Judo, shodan(first grade) people can get Kuroobi(Black belt)

There is not what is called Kuroobi,

but there are Kyu(beginner grade) , Dan ( grade for after beginner) and Shogo(titles)

10kyu~1kyu(The lower number it becomes higher grade.)

Shodan~8dan(The higher number it becomes higher grade.)

There were until 10 dan in old days, but it was be abolished.

And 6 dan and over, there are examinationa to get the titles

what is called  Renshi(錬士)・Kyoshi(教士)・Hanshi(範士).

Hanshi 8 dan (範士八段) is the highest grade of Kendo.

The pass rate for the 8 dan exam is less than 1 %.

In spite of challenging 10 times, 20 times, almost of challengers can’t pass.

So, Sensei who has 8 dan are respected as gods of Kendo by other kendo players.

Yeah, 8 dan is really same as gods of kendo!!

On the other hand, there are a lot of strong women teacher….


Even if looking back the long history of Kendo federation,

there is no woman could pass 8 dan.

Kendo is said conservative and androcentrism

Kendo is one of Budo (the martial art),sport that anyone can practice without distinction of sex.

It is few Budo can be done Shiai (match) in mixed-gender.

However, men is given priority in Kendo.

Almost of kendo teachers are men.

Women’s teachers has been increasing more and more.

But, women’s teachers are minority inside the organization.

I understand in the fist place , Kendo was started as an event for men.

So sometimes there is  nothing for it.

Some men’s kendo teachers are thinking

“It is absolutely necessary to spread kendo to women, especially mother, in order to increase kendo population but, women can’t master Kendo.”

Oh, I can’t accept above words…. I have been practicing kendo for 20 years.

I think above words are same as

Naginata have developed as a martial art for woman

So man can’t master !!(*´Д`)

Certainly, movement of kendo is manly, how to wear kendo uniform is for man.

Naginata focuses beauty more,

Kendo focuses forcefulness more

But, in old days ,

It was said that

” Doing marathon is impossibility for woman because it is too hard to do for women.”

So, women had been precluded for long time.

I think

“it is impossible to get 8 dan for women”

is things men hope.



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