Horibe Akemi sensei who is the great rival of Nemoto Michiyo sensei

Nemoto Michiyo sensei (Kyoshi 7dan) who is trying to get Kendo 8 dan

appeared on the NHK documentary.

If she get 8 dan, she will become first woman have 8 dan.

Many women's kendo players are challenging kendo 8 dan in which is the highest grade of kendo. But never women have gotten.

She  won her second consecutive titles in All Japan women’s Kendo Championships.

source :剣道日本

She got through Kendo 7 dan ‘s examination few as a woman in 1998.

Since women’s kendo teacher was not general,

she has been teaching kendo to a lot of people.

She is a great pioneer to wide possibility for women’s kendo players.

Such a she has her one and only rival.

That person is

Horibe Akemi sensei(Kyoshi 7 dan)


They had practiced hard together as a rival.


Profile of Horibe sensei

Name: Horibe Akemi

Kyoshi (教士)7dan

She graduated from Tsukuba University with a distinguished record  in the inter‐college kendo tournaments.

Her great records that she made it into to best 4 in inter-college for 4  successive years when she was a university student haven’t broken now a day.

( 1st grade  3rd place / 2nd grade and 3rd grade  Champion/ 4th grade  2nd place)

How wonderful!

Only top class kendo players can participate inter-college kendo tournament

I can’t imagine her strength.

Her successful when she was young is also great.

But, her another great point is that

Since 1978 when is her last participating All Japan,

she came back to participate All Japan again when she was 43 years old after 22 years absence.

Moreover, she went to 3rd tournaments!!


Kendo is lifelong Budo(Martial art)


Young players power and speed overwhelm elderly players.

So elderly seinsei overwhelm young players by how to offence, understanding opponent’s movement, amount of experience.

(I thinks it is difficult to understand for people who have not done Kendo.)

I respect her because she won some young players in the prefectural elimination tournament.

According to Horibe sensei

After graduating Tsukuba university, I got married soon. After that, I had been living in Hong Kong for 17 years. I had been teaching Kendo for Hong Kong’s children while I lived in Hong Kong. It was not for myself, it was practice as a coach. Already 3 years has passed since I came back to Japan, Tochigi prefecuture where I came back to is good environment to practice Kendo myself. I can practice myself. Finally, I thought I would like to participate Shiai again. In the first , It was general to get married and to apply household and child care for our generation. So it was difficult to continue Kendo for women when I was young. Even if continuing, women became teacher for children. I thought it was  trend of the time to give chances participating shiai for youth. But I was not infected such trends in Japan because I had been living in Hong Kong for 17 years. I genuinely could face things I wanted to do


She never lost spirit of challenge.


Practice when she was a child.

She has been practicing kendo since she was an elementary school student.

She practiced too hard .

I thoroughly made my teacher practice basic Kendo form from top of the head to tip of the feet in my childhood. For example, left foot which is foot to kick must keep straight. Everyone who practice Kendo understand it but someone end up passing while they can’t . However, I couldn’t be allowed if I was imperfect. I had to practice basics until I was acknowledged by my teacher.


She thoroughly practiced basic!!

I think it is harder !!

Kamae (stance) is needless to say, I repeatedly practiced things what we call basics of kendo until I could appear perfect form .


And about Keiko, Almost of Keiko was Uchikomigeiko which is the method of practice to strike a opponent repeatedly. I loved kendo but it was hard and tough for me. My hardness was not to be struck by the opponents, on the contrary, it was hardness of Kakarigeiko to strike the opponents rapidly. Especially when I was an elementary school student, I had been keeping up to do Kakarigeiko everyday until I couldn’t stand up.


But, I appreciate that my teacher who is Tsubouchi Hachiro(坪内八郎)and my father gave great teaching to me who was immature and don’t understand what is Kendo.  If they had not taught like that, I wouldn’t be who I am now. And, I’m still unskilled about Kendo. I would like to get somethings while practicing from now on.

source 剣道日本

I understand Kakarigeiko is really hard.

【KAKARI GEIKO】Osaka Police Dept. Kendo Training ⎪ Aug.2013⎪【かかり稽古】大阪府警剣道特練の稽古

It is the hardest keiko among the kendo.

However, she got over it so she could remain great results.

If we would like to master Kendo, we can’t avoid it.

The 10th All Japan Women’s university student Kendo championship. She was handed champion trophy from her Imperial Highness Hitachinomiya (「剣道日本」1976/8)

Horibe sensei is also 7 dan (Kyoshi)

I’m not sure that she is aiming to get 8 dan alike Nemoto sensei or not.

She is also continuing to practice and teach Kendo now!!

Someday, I would like to keiko with sensei!!

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All source from :剣道日本


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