The most interesting Kendo Manga Top3 in Japan.

Xin chao!

The corona virus is going away day by day in Japan.

But, we have to refrain to do keiko with other people

I think it’s hard time for people who want to do keiko.

That’s when we train by ourselves,

Suburi, work out!


I recommend to read Kendo Manga・・

So, I will introduce interesting kendo manga top3 for everyone!

(It’s just my opinion.)

I hope that everyone’s motivation raise after reading!

The 3rd Akado Suzunosuke

It is popular manga what had been serializing from 1954-1960 in Shonengaho comic.


赤胴鈴之助(第4巻) [ 武内つなよし ]
価格:1980円(税込、送料無料) (2020/5/20時点)


A main character is “Kinno Suzunosuke” who is a boy belonging Hokushinittoryu Chiba Shusaku dojo(北辰一刀流千葉周作道場)

His growing up and successful is going to be draw in this story.

He wears Red do (胴)what is keepsake from his father

So he is called ” Akado Suzunosuke” (赤胴鈴之助)


【公式】赤胴鈴之助 第1話「夢は大きな少年剣士」”A LITTLE SAMURAI” EP01(1972)


Suzunosuke is excelled in Sword techniques. He goes to Edo( Old name of Tokyo) and becomes a puoil at Chibashusaku dojo.

He trains as a Kendo player to refine his mind and body at here.

He faces many difficulties in here, but he never gives up and attains his Ken(sword) of justice.

It was very popular so,

It was made into a movie!!

赤胴鈴之助 飛鳥流真空斬り : 角川映画


Iy’s originator of Kendo manga!

Would you like to try to read?


The 2nd I’m Teppei (Orewa Teppei)

It had been serializing from 1973 to 1980 on Shonen Magazine.

おれは鉄兵(25) (少年マガジンKC) | ちば てつや |本 | 通販 | Amazon


おれは鉄兵 DVD-BOX デジタルリマスター版 想い出のアニメライブラリー 第25集送料無料
価格:17786円(税込、送料無料) (2020/5/20時点)


Summary is that

Uesugi Teppei who has bad behavior gets Kendo techniques by himself

and dominates a lot of tournaments

It was gotten a honor managa award in 1976.

It was made into an Anime  in 1977.↓

Ore wa Teppei ed

By the way, kendo doesn’t appear in this story at first.

Kendo is not main in it,

It is attached importance to

“The knockabout comedy of Teppei with his family and friends”

So his Kendo style is messy!

To be honest, it is not good manga to learn correct Kendo.(*’▽’)

Not only Teppei behavior is bad but also a man-whore, drinker

and an aggressive person

But we can’t hate him because of his good character.

We are enjoyable Teppei’s bottomless physical strength and personality.

I recommend to read when you feel down.

I am surprised that Speaking of Kendo manga is Teppei in Vietnam.

But,never do things like Teppei.

Next page is the first! The first is only that!!

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