Beautiful Kendo players

Xin chao!

I’m Hebihime (Hebi=Snake  hime=princess)

Everyone admire beautiful and strong ladies in all times.

Lately, I have found beautiful and strong lady’s Kendo players again.

I will introduce their for everyone!

Igarashi Huki


Very cute!


Name:Igarashi Huki

Birth place :Nigata prefecture

Tsubame junior high school(Nigata)→Aterazawa high school(Yamagata)→

Nippon sport science university→Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ

Major records

  • All  junior high school Kendo championship → Team champion twice
  • All high school Kendo championship→participating
  • Inter-Prefectural Women’s kendo championship →champion
  • All Japan women university kendo championship →3rd grade
  • The 19th all Japan corporate competition →champion

Nigata prefecture is the strongest in Hokushinetsu region.

北信越(Hokushinetsu Region)の地図・地形のイラスト

When I was a junior high school student, I had done shinai with Tsubame junior high school.

(I graduated from strong high shcool in Nagano prefecture( ´∀` ))

They were really really strong!!!!

I remember that I lost//// ( *´艸`)

She is working in Nigata because she had been separating from hometown

so she wants to contribute for hometown.

And she said

I could do everything as a player when I was a university student.

After now, I want to be a good teacher.

Now a day, population of Kendo is increasing in Nigata .

So she wants to give high priority to younger player’s coaching.


Angel smile!

If I could be learned from teacher like her, I would have been happy!

Takako ARAI -eD Fuki IKARASHI – 54th All Japan Women KENDO Championship – First round 7


Sugawara saori



Name:Sugawara Saori

Birth place:Hokkaido

Kushiro midorigaoka high school →Kokushikan university→IDC Otsuka

Major records

  • All Japan high school kendo championship →participating
  • All Japan women university kendo championship →3rd grade
  • The 13th all Japan corporate competition →champion
  • The 14th all Japan corporate competition →champion

She is 3 years older than Hebihime.

I believe she is the strongest kendo player in corporate’s kendo teams.

She is a cool beauty!

She is a current Tomoe gozen

(Tomoe gozen is a famous lady’s samurai in Japan)

She appeared on Japanese TV.

hidemasa handa P.T.A. en Twitter: "剣道の面白さとか凄さは経験者 ...

Her shinai move!!

H24全日本実業団女子剣道大会 4回戦 大塚家具対パナSUNX 大将.MOV

Excellent offence and her force!!

Mori Yoko ( a women announcer )

森葉子アナの剣道着姿が可愛い!(画像)アナウンサー姿も綺麗です ...


Name:Mori Yoko

Birth place:Ibaraki prefecture

Kisaradu sogo high shcool→Ibaraki university→TV ASAHI

Major records

  • High school・University→Top8 in Japan
  • All Japan women university kendo team championship→3rd place

She had competitive sprite even if she pulled muscle, she tried to continue practice.

So she could be an announcer.


She reported 8 dan sensei’s Keiko

She has experienced Kendo that’s exactly why she can!

It is exact she is saying things.

I’m grad to see a Kendo player who is successful



Could you enjoy this article?

Because of non-Olympic games, so kendo is not major in the world.

but there are a lot of wonderful person in the Kendo world!

I would like to tell a lot of Kendo information in English for everyone!


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