What is a Kendo Cafe 【Kendo Project】

Hello. I’m Hebihime.

I’m sorry that long time no English article in my blog.

How have you been during corona shock in the world.

I hope every people who read my blog are safely.

I believe that reader of my blog have known that I love Kendo.

(I have been practicing kendo for 20 years)

We couldn’t practice together now but

We should find things” what we can?”.

So Kendo project

what is organization is aimed for activation of kendo

opened “Kendo Cafe channel” on the Youtube

画像に含まれている可能性があるもの:2人、Kazuki Ishizukaさんを含む

What is a Kendo Cafe?

Kendo Cafe is on the youtube channel.

They invite a person who is active in Kendo world and to interview.

The first interview is

Mr, Ishizuka Kazuki  who is a representative of Kendo Project) and

(I’m going to edit his profile)

石塚一輝プロフィール | 石塚一輝.com


Mr, Takahiro Nabeyama who is a coach of Tsukuba university Kendo Club.


Mr,Nabeyama showed overwhelming strength when he was a PL high school student.

His success of Gyokuryuki is being remembered by a lot of Kendo players as unforgettable matches

玉竜旗 鍋山 剣道

His famous match↑

2016年【 – 玉竜旗 – 剣道 – 伝説の剣士 – 】語り継がれる名勝負 – legend – high level kendo – Great matches passed down

Legends of Gyokuryuki ↑

I’m going to edit about Mr,Nabeyama’s profile.

And then, Mr Ishizuka is also graduated from PL high school.

He also became champion.

I have done Keiko with both of them.

They are too strong for me!!

I’m looking forward to interview of this channel.

I hope a lot of people watch this channel↓

1st part (English version ) Nabeyama Takahiro Kyoshi 8 dan



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