Takamiya Toshimitsu【The greatest one arm Kendo player】

There are some one arm kendo players in Japan.

I will introduce one of the greatest and famous one arm Kendo player “Takamiya Toshimitsu” in this article.

「剣道 高宮」の画像検索結果

About his birth

He was bear in Kumamoto prefecture.

When he was one year and 9 months , He was lost his right arm by threshing machine during his parents taking their eyes off him. It was a little time.

His parents had blamed a lot of times theirselve.

But Mr Takamiya said that

It’s natural for me ever I could remember.

More than that, he had been feeling sad because friends around him take care of his handicap, more than anything, his parents always had been feeling that one has a debt to pay.

So he always had been thinking that I want to remove their dept.


Starting Kendo

He started kendo when he was 8 years old.

If you done kendo, you can understand・・・

Swinging shinai with one hand is very hard.

I also can’t control shinai with one hand.

But his teacher never gave him special treatment and made him practice and trained him as same sa other’s members.

He trained his left arm to make up for his handicap.

Thanks to part in this, he got strong striking skill with only one  arm.

To get that skill, he swang bottle of alcohol that contains sand.

He stood out a lot day by day. He participated a lot of tournaments as a regular when he was a junior and high school student.

He couldn’t participate all Japana high school kendo championship but he got 3rd award in Kumamoto prefecture.

(Kumamoto is one of the most strongest prefecture in Japan.)

Kendo players undestand that Kyushu is called “Kendo kingdam”, so it is more  difficult to win inside of Kyushu than all Japan.

What a wonderful result he got 3rd in Kumamoto.


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