What is a Kendo Izakaya Dainidojo


I’m hebihime who love Kendo and Vietnam.

I’m cheering Kendo players who do Keiko during cold seasons.

Today, I would like to introduce interesting izakaya※ in Kyobashi Osaka.

※ it mead Japanese bar


Izakaya for Kendo

That name is “Kendo Izakaya Dainidojo“

Why is that name “Dainidojo”?

It means “drinking party” in Kendo term.

Daiichidojo→Keiko (do practice )

Dainidojo→Drinking party

If someone says, “ Let’s go to Dainidojo” . It means going to drink alcohol.

The Izakaya interior is Kendo

Dainidojo interior look just like a dojo.

There is a house shrine and are some a lots of kendo magazines in the 1st floor.

Some rare bogus are decorated in the second floor.

I believe people who are not interested in Kendo are captivated by beautiful designed bogus.


Every clerks with Kendo uniform

This Izakaya clerks wait on customers with Kendo uniform.

And everybody are real kendo players.

Some stuffs are university university students who is belonging to Kendo club.

A manager is also strong kendo player who have experienced to be champion in all Japan high school and university and business man kendo tournament.

Anyway, it is particular about kendo.

Specialty is a Samurai hotpot

This Izakaya’s specialty is a Samurai hotpot.

If you have it, you are able to be stronger!!

They provide 3 kind of hotpots.

Kojiro →(pork hotpot)

Musashi→(beef hotpot)

Nitoryu→(Mix hotpot)

When you eat Kojiro, add citron peppers in pork soup.

When you eat Musashi, put beef on special sources.

you can choice finishing ramen, udon and rice.

It is wonderful menu for cold season.

opening hours

Daini dojo is in Kyobashi Osaka.

Address: 2-4-18 Miyakojima Minami street Miyakojima district Osaka city

Near station: JR Kyobashi 5minites to walk, Keihan Kyobashi 5 minutes to walk,

Nagahoritsirumiryokuchi line 5 minutes to walk.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 17:00-23:30

Regular day off:Monday

If you want to drink earlier, please call to Izakaya and take reservations.

⭐︎ All you can drink 1500yen-

⭐︎Party menu 2000yen-

you need to reserve, if you want to use party menu.

you can book from under sites↓

Dainidojo website


And, you can drink beer and sour with half price during 17:00-19:00 of Tu,Wed,Thr

Benefits for reader

You can get a free sour if you would say “ I read hebihime blog”.

If you have a interest of it, go to drink and have dinner!!


To 2020 5/6

Because of corona virus

Dainidojo open hours

Lunch time 11:00-14:00

Dinner time 17:00-19:30


to not lose corona, they are making original T-shirt.

All most of companies and restaurants are in hard situation now.

So three stars factory and Dainidojo have collaborated to get over corona shock!

I hope all of people who love kendo cheer them.

↓Click below!




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