Beautiful and strong kendo players in Japan

 Recently, many women kendo players are active a lot in the world.

There are some strong and beautiful ladies kendo players in Japanese Kendo world.

I will introduce 3 ladies kendo players who have popularity, strength,beauty.


3rd Kirara Ogawa

Ms Ogawa’s body length is 178cm!!

How tall she is!

I believe she is able to be fashion model.


Her face is cool beauty.

Not only men also women would fall in love.

Her strength is high speed tobikimen from Jyodan position!

I don’t have confidence to avoid her men from her high position.

She graduated from Kikuchi girls high school 2 years ago.

Now, She is practicing at University

We expect her activities in university.



 2rd Anzu Ogame

She has appeared on TV programs as a great kendo player.


She graduated from Moriya high school What is very famous as one of the strongest in Japan.

After graduating high school, she entered Meiji university what have high quality of kendo club.

She became champion of all Japan university students kendo championships.

Now, she is working at Panasonic and active as a top business kendo player.

1st Mariko Yamamoto

She is the top kendo idol

She is a symbol of Japanese lady kendo player.

She graduated from PL school as a famous kendo school.

After graduating, she has been starting to work at Osaka police.

All Japan women kendo championships→ To Win 2nd Consecutive

World kendo championship

→To win 3rd consecutive

She is real lady’s samurai

She is the kendo player all women kendo players dream about

Her strengths are high quality footwork and many kind of Waza ※skill

She is so cute as many people have a question why she can do kendo?

Mariko Yamamoto – Kendo Documentary (English Subtitles)
日本を背負って立つ女剣道家 vol.1 山本真理子 ( Kendo – Mariko Yamamoto – )

How do u think?

Have you had some interests of beautiful and strong women kendo players?

If you are interested in it now, go to see some kendo championships!!

If you are interested in Kendo.

You can experience here↓

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