Cool and strong Kendo Players Best 3 in Japan

Kendo is not a Olympic event so it is no less popular than judo in the world but kendo players in Japan are 10 times higher than Judo players.

Kendo has no Olympic ( because almost kendo players against to add kendo in Olympic event.)but all Japan Kendo federation  organize  all Japan kendo championships every year and International kendo federation organize World kendo championship once every 3 years.

By the way , there are some handsome and cool kendo players in Kendo world. I would like to introduce cool and strong kendo players in Japan.


The 3rd Ryo Yoshizawa


He is one of the most famous actor in Japan.

He started to practice kendo when he was 6 years old.

He has 2 dan now.

He has selected MVP in Kanto area tournament when he was a high school student.

Some years ago, he won one of the strongest high school girl at that time on Japanese TV program .

He is not only actor also good Kendo player!!

When he puts off men, every girls look at him.

Oh how cool!!

The 2rd Kakeru Umegatani

Do u know Gyokuryuki high school kendo tournament? That tournament made his name famous to all Japan kendo.

Gyokuryuki is rare tournament because it is winning match.

(Almost kendo match isn’t winning match )

He beat 11 opponents in succession to semi final to final match and his team became champion!!

After that he became regent of Gyokuryuki and kendo world

2016年【 – 玉竜旗 – 剣道 – 伝説の剣士 – 】語り継がれる名勝負 – legend – high level kendo – Great matches passed down

It made me surprise


After graduating high school, he entered Chuo university Surprisingly, he became university champion when he was first grade.

H26全日本学生剣道選手権 決勝 梅ヶ谷(中大)対村瀬諒(日体大)

And same year, he got 3rd in all Japan kendo championship

第63回全日本剣道選手権大会【準決勝】西村英久×梅ヶ谷翔 THE 63th All Japan KENDO CHAMPIONSHIPS

His potential is unbelievable

He said that I’m hate losing!!

He is belonging to Fuji zerox corporation now. 


1st Susumu Takanabe

He is very famous player as a man who can strike the most speedy men in the world

He can strike men with only 0.1 second from Chudan position

We are not able to watch.

高鍋進 一本集 Takanabe Susumu Ippons (2003~2012)

He graduated from PL high school and Tsukuba university what have very strong kendo club.

⭐︎All Japan kendo championship →first place twice 

⭐︎World kendo championship  →first place 3 times

All Japan 7 dan kendo championship →first place twice

All Japan policemen kendo championship →triple victory 

スポーツ大陸 - 己に克て 2009年 第14回世界剣道選手権大会 - 日本チーム副将 高鍋進選手

Not only he got a lot of awards of kendo but also he is the most popular idle in the kendo world because of his face is loved by a lot of women.

And his personality is so humorous.

I’m a big fan of him( ^ω^ )


I’m grad if people who read this article have interests about kendo.

Everyone! I wish you go to see kendo match!!



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